Cancer Is Delicious

Yes, I said it. There’s an old song that goes, “If loving you is wrong. I don’t wanna do right!” I used to feel this way, and most of us still do. We’ve been tricked into falling in love with the tastes and aromas of artificial flavors and preservatives. Most of the food we seeContinue reading “Cancer Is Delicious”

Kraft Macaroni & Cheese for Breakfast?

One day last week, I watched early morning TV to see what the weather would be like that day, like I do, because I still trust the local weather forecast over my iPhone. Right before a commercial break, what I saw made me jump out of bed: Kraft decided to promote their packaged macaroni andContinue reading “Kraft Macaroni & Cheese for Breakfast?”

All About Protein

Some Thoughts About Protein Good sources of protein have long been seen as coming from only animal meat. Of course, we have the tried and true animal protein sources. However, the latest nutritional findings point to plant sources of protein that may also help you build and maintain muscle. Good Animal Sources of Protein TheContinue reading “All About Protein”

Plant-based butter?

A short while ago, I was strolling through our local grocery store with my wife and discovered a new product. Maybe you’ve heard of it? Plant-based butter.  I know that there are tons of studies that tell us that animal products are high in cholesterol and are not so good for our arteries. So IContinue reading “Plant-based butter?”