Scout. Hunt. Migrate.

Photo by Sebastian Pociecha on Unsplash

What should we eat? 

Or rather, what should we eat to ensure that our food is the best for us?

Many of us developed from hunter-gatherer cultures, and that’s where I’m going with this post. Hunter-gatherers did three main things that enabled them to find nourishing food that fit their physical makeup. 


The first thing the hunter-gatherers did was to scout for food sources. A clan would send out several scouts to survey the land for nourishing, sustainable food. Once the scouts located those food sources, they would return to the rest of the community and relay the information.

You can do that today but in a different way. You can use the power of the internet. You can pull out your phones and Google to search for nutritious food close to your location. In the same way you order takeout, scan for grocery stores, look for produce markets, and find community gardens where you can pick up nutritious food at a reasonable price. 

Don’t have a car? Locate your primary food source first, and then use public transportation. A few years ago, I found a series of supermarkets on the public transportation route to my home. I came back home, and I relayed those locations to my family, and we were able to try them out to visit to see if they were excellent sources of food for us. You can do the same. Identify a series of supermarkets, produce co-ops, or grocery stores that sell the quality food your family requires. 


The second thing they did was hunt once they found a place. Hunting required planning. Pick a day, choose a time, and gather your resources to go and acquire the food you need. My family has one shopping day a week that we for food shopping. We may each take assignments to pick up different types of food at other stores, so the burden isn’t on one person. 

If you are the sole “hunter” for your household, a good idea might be to locate one of those places you scouted between home and work and stop there. You can do this on your way home, or pick a shopping day on the weekend when you’re free. Now you can go out and take your time and really hunt the right food at the best prices for you. 


The third thing our ancestors did was migrate. They followed the food sources. I’m not saying you need to move every time you need better food, but I know some of us live in food deserts. As time goes on, the nutrition we’re able to receive declines. But good food enables us to perform better, so that’s motivation to move to a better spot. 

Yes, nutrition can make a difference for that bonus on your job. It may turn out to be a promotion or some benefit or advantage that you gain over time that you can leverage to get yourself closer to the best food for you. It may earn you new connections, new friends, and new associates. Still, you may not need to physically relocate near better food. You may only need to establish a network that provides food more efficiently for you. 

Those are my three tips for the week. Let’s try to scout hunt and migrate to where we can find the most nutritious, sustainable food for our bodies!

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