Take Charge of Yourself and Your Life

Photo by Martin Shreder on Unsplash

I talked to an older relative yesterday about their daily routine and heard things that didn’t bode well for them if they continued down their current health path. 

I don’t want to add fuel to the fire in today’s inflammatory climate. However, I do want to make it plain. You are responsible for your health. That being said, it is ultimately up to you to make sure you are healthy, strong, and living your best life. If you feel weak, sick, and confused, it’s time to take charge. Today!

Here’s how …

See Your Doctors

Everyone owes it to see their primary care physician at least once a year. See your dentist at least twice a year. I recommend seeing a therapist, psychiatrist/psychologist/counselor at least once a year. These visits are the bare minimum for good physical and mental maintenance. Now, of course, if there is a health challenge or issue you are dealing with, then see your medical professionals as often as is necessary.

Get Moving

You know I was going to get to it at some point. Move it or lose it! Countless studies have shown that exercise benefits physical, mental, and emotional health. In many scientific and medical circles, exercise is referred to as “exercise therapy,” which suggests how impactful activity is not only for your fitness but for your general health and wellness. 

Eat Well

A well-balanced diet and adequate hydration are critical to your health and wellbeing. In previous blogs, I discussed strategies for ensuring access to food to create a balanced diet. Eating enough food and eating and eating the right foods at the right time can positively impact your energy for exercise and active living. You can find out how many calories you should be having per day by going to the website https://www.calculator.net/bmr-calculator.html and entering your age, gender, weight, and height. The resulting calculation will show you the number of calories you need to survive every day. If you are active, then, of course, you need to eat more than the minimum amount of calories. That’s all I’ll say about that.

Get Together

An essential part of our existence is our society. Humans don’t do well in prolonged isolation. The fact that isolation is a punishment for anti-social behavior in prison is enough to tell you that it’s not healthy to spend long periods alone. Please know that I understand that with guidelines imposed on us at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, it was very difficult or impossible for us to gather socially. Social distancing is still a recommended practice in many places. However, you cannot dismiss the emotional and cognitive benefits of meeting with friends and loved ones. Ample studies have proven social connections are vital. So perhaps, if gathering in your locality is restricted, you can meet virtually. That’s the great advantage of the Internet. Even though you can use it for many negative things, you can also positively bring people together.

I’m off my soapbox.

Remember, eat well, move well, see your doctors, and keep in touch socially. Do that regularly, and you’ll be living your best life. I guarantee it!

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