The Benefits of Flexibility

In the health world, experts seem to emphasize the more active aspects of physical fitness – strength, speed, power – or even the more noticeable elements like muscle size and low percentage of body fat. Sometimes we forget the most essential aspect of fitness that makes all others possible: flexibility or mobility. According to theContinue reading “The Benefits of Flexibility”

Let Me See You Sweat

A frequent conversation I have with friends, loved ones, and clients is about how long it takes to see actually results from training. People, please understand, that no matter what anyone tells you, the science is irrefutable. There are three fundamental laws of physical fitness. The Law of Specificity The first law is the lawContinue reading “Let Me See You Sweat”

A Tale of Two “Ts”

Meet Tia Tia is a 40-yr-old mom who does not like to exercise but has a sweet tooth and a social media addiction. Tia is not currently overweight but would like to look smoother in a two-piece swimsuit or tight jeans (who wouldn’t, right?). Every day Tia wears the latest waist-training corset advertised on Instagram.Continue reading “A Tale of Two “Ts””