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Hi, I’m Chris. Healthy living is what I do. I want to teach you to make the right choices with food, exercise, and lifestyle so that you will always live your best life.

Eat Like A Grown-Up

My apologies for not posting for the past two weeks. I was finishing up my final project for my Master of Applied Exercise Science degree which I received this past weekend. Yay me!  Anyway, this weekend’s festivities brought up an interesting and essential topic. Just how much should you eat? As the father of aContinue reading “Eat Like A Grown-Up”

Pour On The Protein

Some weeks back we gave some tips on eating to lose weight. Today, we’re focusing on the value of protein in the diet because there is more to say. A few years ago a New York Times article questioned how much protein we actually need. The author stated that the recommended daily protein intake forContinue reading “Pour On The Protein”

Your Brain On Rust

Dementia is your brain in a rusted state. Therefore, we must write about it.


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