Eat good. Move good. Live good.

Hi, I’m Chris. Healthy living is what I do. I want to teach you to make the right choices with food, exercise, and lifestyle so that you will always live your best life.

Yes, You Can!

We’ve been talking about how to begin this journey to health, wellness, and fitness and how to prepare and stay the course once you’ve started.  Let’s talk a little about what to do.  Do what you love! Numerous universities have published studies regarding how to begin an exercise program. The results come down to this:Continue reading “Yes, You Can!”

How to Stay Winning

In my family, we have a saying. You never lose. You either win or learn. How is this even possible? Just grasp a couple essential concepts. Progress Over Perfection Your goal should be continuous improvement. This means there is no end goal. Having end goals means you’re only successful when you’ve hit a certain numberContinue reading “How to Stay Winning”

The Power of Habits

A key idea in habit formation is this…most people behave like who and what they believe they are.


Contingencies are backup plans to help you stay on the path. 


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