Consistency Produces Results

I don’t usually comment on celebrity fitness journeys because their lives are often different from regular folks like you and me. They often have a team of people around to assist them with achieving their goals, whether it be career or fitness. However, I’m making a departure here to make a point using a celebrityContinue reading “Consistency Produces Results”

A Tale of Two “Ts”

Meet Tia Tia is a 40-yr-old mom who does not like to exercise but has a sweet tooth and a social media addiction. Tia is not currently overweight but would like to look smoother in a two-piece swimsuit or tight jeans (who wouldn’t, right?). Every day Tia wears the latest waist-training corset advertised on Instagram.Continue reading “A Tale of Two “Ts””

Find Your Why

our reason for getting and staying healthy may be the same as mine or maybe something entirely different. Whatever your reasons are, they may evolve like mine or stay the same. As long as they are powerful enough to keep you making the right decisions every day, you have been and will be successful.

How to Stay Winning

In my family, we have a saying. You never lose. You either win or learn. How is this even possible? Just grasp a couple essential concepts. Progress Over Perfection Your goal should be continuous improvement. This means there is no end goal. Having end goals means you’re only successful when you’ve hit a certain numberContinue reading “How to Stay Winning”