Weight Loss Magic?

Photo by Total Shape on Unsplash

I don’t know about you, but I’m sick of seeing ads and articles that promise the physical results we desire in a super short period. We see promises made to reduce belly fat, firm up our thighs, or create that booty in less than a month.

Drink this shake and drop two sizes in two weeks!

Follow this plan and everything will be awesome! 

Combine these foods and burn off all your belly fat in one month!

Eventually, the truth sinks in.

After thirty days, the fat is still there, and the curvy booty isn’t. Everything isn’t awesome. What did you do wrong? Nothing, but believe empty promises. It’s a safe bet they’re blowing smoke up your behind unless the person who makes the promise can explain exactly how the solution, the routine, or the method creates the benefit. For example, no one has ever explained to me how lemon, ginger, and cinnamon help you lose weight. They make a delicious tea, though.

Let me be straight with you. Exercise and better food choices work. Yes, they take time. Exercise works by contributing to a calorie deficit in your body and creating a stimulus for building muscle. Better food choices work by putting less calorie-dense but more nutritious food into your body. So your body has to deal with a negative calorie balance while being better nourished. The result is that your body is stimulated to remake itself with better building blocks.

Accumulating metabolically active lean body mass burns more body fat.

The payoff is worth the time spent. I encourage you to embrace the process because there is a lot to be gained from it besides the improvement in your health. The courage, patience, and persistence learned through the process are added benefits to the physical transformation that you go through.

The result? You become a stronger person in mind, spirit, and body.

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