Cancer Is Delicious

Photo by Erik Mclean on Unsplash

Yes, I said it.

There’s an old song that goes, “If loving you is wrong. I don’t wanna do right!” I used to feel this way, and most of us still do. We’ve been tricked into falling in love with the tastes and aromas of artificial flavors and preservatives.

Most of the food we see advertised on television and in grocery stores are packed with artificial flavors and preservatives. We’ve all grown up with the belief that the food we see on the front shelves in stores and on TV is real food. But think about this. At some point in time, those products did not exist. What did our parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents eat? Some of them lived before Chef Boyardee. Most of them lived before Boboli pizza. I’m not picking on these foods. I’m just using them as an example. The simple answer is real fruits, vegetables, roots, tubers, grains. Stuff that comes out of the ground grows on trees, and that has parents that you can easily recognize. In other words, real food.

Real has always been around. Many of the products or versions of them that we buy and eat today because they are heavily advertised to us showed up on the market sometime in the 20 century. Real food has been around for all the years (how many ever that is isn’t essential). The problem with this “new” food is that it is full of artificial flavors and preservatives. At their best, artificial flavors and preservatives are inert and have no effect on us. However, at least nine of the most widely used artificial colorings are cancer-causing, gene toxic, or hypersensitivity in our bodies to varying degrees. A 2012 study has shown that children with ADHD have shown significant improvement when artificial flavors and preservatives have been eliminated from their diets. Many of us are addicted to these artificial flavors and preservatives. So in effect, we are possibly saying that Cancer is delicious.

Pathmark grocery stores used to be my favorite place to shop when I was a kid. 10 years ago or so, Pathmark stores went out of business and cannot be found anywhere. Just like stores come and go, “new” food products come and go. However, real food has been around forever and produces no adverse side-effects. What has a better lemon flavor than an actual lemon? What has better blueberry color and flavor than actual blueberries? If you want to eat some mashed potatoes, what’s better than just mashing a real potato?

Let’s try our best to eat as much food as close to its natural state as possible to develop a taste for real food and not cancer.

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