Miss Me With The Menu Hacks

Hey! What’s good, family? This is Keke taking over the blog mic for Chris, and today I’m going in on menu hacks. Specifically, McDonald’s Menu Hacks. Okay, I know what you’re thinking. Ooh, if you go after McDonalds, Keke, they could sue you! Listen, if McDonald’s wants to come after a give-me-fitness-or-give-me-death mama bear whoContinue reading “Miss Me With The Menu Hacks”

Consistency Produces Results

I don’t usually comment on celebrity fitness journeys because their lives are often different from regular folks like you and me. They often have a team of people around to assist them with achieving their goals, whether it be career or fitness. However, I’m making a departure here to make a point using a celebrityContinue reading “Consistency Produces Results”

The Impossible Burger? The cure for burgers?

We’ve seen the rise in the popularity of plant-based burgers like the Impossible Burger. I was at my local convenience store and even noticed they’ve added an option in their lunch menu. What’s the deal with this burger? Is it safe for consumption? Here’s my take. The health and nutrition community has discussed plant-based burgersContinue reading “The Impossible Burger? The cure for burgers?”