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Food is our fuel, like gas is fuel for cars. Harmful gas can ruin a car’s engine. Bad food can destroy our bodies. The trouble is most of us don’t find the time to eat the right foods for our bodies to work well in this fast-paced world. I’m not talking about all of these superfood ads and super(insert color here) powders that we see advertised on TV and the internet constantly. Those guys probably mean well and want to help, but the problem is a lot of us can’t afford those powders and drink mixes.

So what do we do?

It’s only been in the last 100 years or so that the quality of the food that is most easily accessible has declined. Well, we’ve survived for thousands of years before that last 100 years by following a few guidelines.

OK, time for some tough love.

  1. Eat foods that look like food in their natural form. If you want mashed potatoes, boil or bake and mash the darn potato. DO NOT get it out of a box. The same goes for meats. Yes, your mom was right if she told you to eat your vegetables. Even if she didn’t, you should. Chicken should look like chicken, not some breaded dinosaur. You’re not five years old anymore.
  2. Drink your water. Think about it. Your body is 70% water. We learned this in elementary school if we were paying attention. That’s never changed, but our drinks have. This is a critical decision point. We can start by substituting water for one drink a day. Remember. Baby steps.
  3. Plan what you’re going to eat. When our ancestors hunted for food, they sent scouts out to canvas the territory they were going to hunt in to see what kind of foods there were and where the best foods were. They didn’t just go out there in the middle of the woods or the grasslands and say, “OK, what are we going to eat today?” They knew where the good food was before getting it. We need to do the same thing. Find out where the good grocery stores sell fresh food for affordable prices that fit your budget and plan weekly trips to those stores.

Decide to consistently try these three steps for the next four weeks. I guarantee you will feel lighter and a bit more energetic by the end.

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