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For many of us on a journey towards improved health and physical fitness, this is simply a new phase in a journey we began a while ago. For some, it’s a new journey altogether, or maybe a new iteration of the same trip. But the most important thing for all of us, we must discover our purpose for the journey. 

What’s Your Why?

Purpose is the why of your journey. The purpose is what the final destination looks like. It is what makes our efforts stick, and what for many of us gets us up every day and helps us do the hard work to arrive at our goal.

Purpose can take many forms. Your purpose can be physiological: you want your blood sugar, triglyceride, or cholesterol numbers to be lower. Or, your purpose could be mental or emotional — you may wish to have a more positive, uplifting mood. Or, you might want to become more focused and attentive to your work. From wanting six-pack abs or toned biceps to better performance, your journey is more destined for success with a specific purpose. 

Why Do You Need Your Why?

If you start your journey without a purpose, science says you will likely abandon your goal. Or fail at it, or, at the very least, not achieve the goal you intended from the outset. Your purpose is like a target on a dartboard. For example, at the start of a new year, lots of people sign up for health club memberships or with a personal trainer in their attempt to become healthier. 

An excellent trainer will ask you your purpose. Why? Because people without a definite purpose are those folks in the fitness centers running and jumping around, sweating, but never really accomplishing anything other than movement. 

Purpose is the difference between simply exercising and training your body. 

Purpose is the difference between eating food and nourishing your body.

Purpose is the difference between getting tired and losing weight.

Master the Power of Purpose

Purpose requires you to focus on your goal and steadily work towards that goal. You must train to accomplish a specific outcome. You eat to fuel your body for training. You sleep and hydrate to achieve particular recovery goals. You stretch and foam roll to accomplish specific mobility and flexibility goals. All of these things are done with purpose. But if there is no purpose, you have no plan and direction for accomplishing any of this.

You’re simply getting sweaty for no real reason.

I hate to sound negative. I’m really trying to get us to realize we need to have a purpose for what we do. Next time, if you plan to turn over a new leaf and eat better, join a fitness club, or sign up for a trainer, think about the purpose. Think about why you’re going to do what you’re going to do. Think about what you’re trying to achieve.

That, my friends, should influence how you do what you do to achieve your goal.

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