Find Your Why

Photo by Emily Morter on Unsplash

Almost eighteen years ago, I decided to commit to a health and wellness lifestyle. I did it because I had a four-year-old son and wanted to be alive to see him grow up. Later I maintained that commitment so I could live to walk my daughters down the aisle and run around playing with the grandchildren, I anticipated having some years later.

I have added reasons to my commitment, such as being strong and vibrant enough to enjoy an empty nest with my wife, having fun seeing the world, and helping others get and stay healthy. My reasons have differed slightly over the years but have not changed entirely. My fear of death before my son grew up was my first why, but then my love for my family and my dreams of a fantastic future replaced the fear.

Your reason for getting and staying healthy may be the same as mine or maybe something entirely different. Whatever your reasons are, they may evolve like mine or stay the same. As long as they are powerful enough to keep you making the right decisions every day, you have been and will be successful.

Here’s a word of encouragement. Keep up the excellent work and take it one day and one decision at a time.

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