Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

So, we’ve made up our minds to get fit. We’ve changed the way we eat. We may have signed up with a trainer and committed to our exercise days and times. We’ve gotten off to a great start and are making progress. Maybe we’re a month into this new lifestyle and most times enjoying it. Then, something comes up. Someone at your gym came down with COVID-19, so your gym closes for two weeks. You have to travel for work, unfortunately. Now your routine is broken. It could be over, but it doesn’t have to be. Keep this streak going with contingencies.

Create a Backup Plan

Contingencies are backup plans to help you stay on the path. Here are some suggested contingencies.

  • Your gym closes – Perform home or outdoor workouts (weather permitting). If you have a trainer, they will program an appropriate training session for you – that’s their job.
  • You have to travel for work – Pack a jump rope in your luggage. There’s a lot you can do with a good jump rope.

What happens if it’s only you, and life has gotten you down, and you are suddenly not able to keep up your streak? Here are some contingencies for that.

  • Pack your gym bag and put it in your car or pull out your gym clothes at the foot of your bed or hang them on the closet door the night before
  • Pick a gym or workout area that is between your job and your home.
  • If you don’t have a trainer, pick someone around your level of ability looking to make the same changes in lifestyle and partner up with them. It’s excellent accountability.

New Identity. New Rules.

My last bit of encouragement? Use your internal contingency and remember why you started this journey. Think about the time you’ve invested so far. You’re not the same person who created this new lifestyle a week, a month, or more ago. Remember, now you are an athlete. Athletes push past the challenging moments. Your identity as an athlete is your final contingency.

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